This is an absolute MUST-HAVE if you want to attract a lot more of your ideal clients in your business and get excellent results. (Or you want to start!)

This ebook will show you

3 steps you must implement to grow your visibility, become an authority and a successful entrepreneur in record time. It is a comprehensive guide suitable for all entrepreneurs ready to succeed

The 3C Business Formula To Success

  • Connect - The first C is all about why you need to have a presence online and social media to attract your ideal clients in record time

  • Communicate - The second C will show you how to use social media effectively without wasting your time. And actually how you ONLY need 15 minutes a day to be effective, get results and attract clients

  • Convert - The final C will explain how to grow your visibility to attract more clients without the chase ever again.
    No more salesy pitch. Just nice conversations that convert into high paying clients.

Biba  have already worked with hundred of international entrepreneurs who have used the 3 Steps to Entreprenarial Mastery: How to Connect, Communicate and Convert Without Selling and as a result double or triple their revenues in just 3 months. They knew nothing about having an online presence before starting or were not totally convinced it would work.

What People Are Saying About Biba Pedron:

  • You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Your advice helped me fine tune my networking skills. Using your networking strategies, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing,

    Carl E. Reid, CEO & President at SavvyIntrapreneur - New York

  • Biba is the best coach I have ever had! I love that she is so personable. Biba’s love for guiding and helping entrepreneurs shows from the very first moment you speak with her. She isn’t there just for financial gain, she truly cares about your success! When you take her coaching courses you receive more than initially anticipated. After a session with Biba you feel fully empowered and capable of handling all of your business ventures.

    Prophetess Samonia, Financial Breakthrought Network

About the Author

Biba Pedron is an award-winning business coach, marketing expert, speaker and best-selling author, who brings her successful marketing techniques to both sides of the Atlantic.

She has helped countless small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals connect the dots between marketing, social media, networking, and branding, teaching simple but yest effective marketing strategies that really work!

Biba was born and raised in France. For over 15 years, she served as a sales & marketing manager for a number of companies there, and became recognized as someone who connects powerfully with people, both professionally and socially. In 1998, she started her first own business in France and grew it from the ground up

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